About Brooke


Brooke Van Dam grew up in Southern California and comes from a long line of Dutch dairy farmers.

Brooke knew from a young age she wanted to be a journalist, forcing her younger sister to film episodes of 20/20 in their family room. She worked for a variety of network affiliates in southwest Idaho before moving to London to pursue her dream of documentary film-making via a master’s degree. 

Brooke was exposed early on to different forms of Christianity from mainline protestant to Pentecostal. She spent nearly the entirety of her K-12 and undergraduate education at Christian institutions. She continues to grapple with faith, religion and our unique brand of American Christianity.

After wrapping up her master’s degree, Brooke decided to go down a new journalism path but this time in academia. She decided that the academy fascinated her and that a PhD in sociology would fulfill a lifelong need to be challenged and find the truth. On both accounts she was successful although as with most things, the more you learn the more you realize how much you don’t know.

Brooke spent the last 12 years teaching and researching at a variety of universities. She is now back on the west coast to take on a new challenge, making sense of the seemingly disparate truth institutions which shape so much of our understanding of the world. She writes, tweets, talks and reports on journalism, academia and Christianity.